Mission Support System (MSS)


Copyright 2008-2014 Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.


Copyright 2011-2014 Marc Rautenhaus (mr)


Copyright 2016-2024 by the MSS team, see AUTHORS.


APACHE-2.0, see LICENSE for details.

When using this software, please acknowledge its use by citing the reference documentation in any publication, presentation, report, etc. you create:

Bauer, R., Grooß, J.-U., Ungermann, J., Bär, M., Geldenhuys, M., and Hoffmann, L.: The Mission Support System (MSS v7.0.4) and its use in planning for the SouthTRAC aircraft campaign, Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 8983–8997,, 2022.

Rautenhaus, M., Bauer, G., and Doernbrack, A.: A web service based tool to plan atmospheric research flights, Geosci. Model Dev., 5, 55-71,, 2012.

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Below is a list of software packages that are used in the MSS or from which parts are used in the MSS (see the LICENSE file for the terms and conditions that apply to these components):


Copyright (c) 2006, Ancient World Mapping Center

Package for working with OGC map, feature, and coverage services. Obtained from SVN (, revision 1672, on 2010/08/11.

NOTE: The file “” has been modified for the MSS. Changes are marked with “(mss)”. We renamed it to “” (2017-04-28)

We also did a PEP8 review of the and adopted it to the recent 0.14 version


Copyright: 2008 by Jeffrey Whitaker

mslib/ contains substantial parts taken from the netcdf4-python library – Python/numpy interface to netCDF

KML Examples

Below are links from where certain KML Files have been obtained, which are used as Test Samples in MSS (mss/docs/samples/kml/):

World_Map.kml (mss/docs/samples/kml/World_Map.kml)

Link : Download Link: (Open Data - NASA)

Other Test Samples have been taken from Google Archive KML Samples

Link :

style.kml (mss/docs/samples/kml/style.kml)

Link :

geometry_collection.kml (mss/docs/samples/kml/geometry_collection.kml)

Link :

Multilinestrings.kml (mss/docs/samples/kml/Multilinestrings.kml)

Link :

polygon_inner.kml (mss/docs/samples/kml/polygon_inner.kml)

Link :


We use icons in mslib.mui.editor from the tango-icon-library Author: Jakub Steiner

License: Further Information:

Airports Data

To draw airports on the topview we use the services provided by ourairports Further Information:

Airports Data

To draw airspaces on the topview we use the services provided by Further Information:


Author: Paul Schweizer ( License: (MIT License)

Package for working with JSON files in PyQt5. Obtained from Github (, on 23/7/2021.

Identity Provider

We utilize example files from the pysaml2 library to set up the configuration for our local Identity Provider (IdP). Obtained from GitHub ( on 13/07/2023

Copyright: 2018 Roland Hedberg

License: (Apache License 2.0) Further Information: